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We have a sponsorship proposal document ready and waiting for you to peruse!  Visit our trip dedicated blog site at us.ithothouse.com and check out our trip project below:

Flare For It

FLARE FOR IT - Help On-Demand For Social Enterprises

Introducing "Flare For It". Flare For It is a web and mobile app for social enterprises to map their projects, get followers, and send out digital flares when they need help.  We're using ESRI's ArcGIS Online software and  Microsoft Azure.

Primary Client: KiWikispeed

Technology Mentors: ESRI, Microsoft

Developers: IT HOTHOUSE


Project Manager: Rachel Daly (15)

Programmer: Mitchell Denton (16)

Web Developer: Blair Reed (18)

Graphic Designer: Maia Kaa (16)

Market Researcher, Video Presenter, Digital Music Producer: Matteo Harley-Mackie (17)


CHECK IT OUT!!! Our Sponsorship Campaign Started June 4, 2013. Here's The Running Tally of Forward Thinking Companies:

Nokia CDC


IT HOTHOUSE Space At School



Renea Mackie_000900UPT Digital Music Producer 7" Vinyl Release:

Matteo Harley-Mackie a.k.a Onichomp has produced a single for US rapper, Mickey Napalm.  The single entitled "Toxic Elements" has been released on vinyl (January 2013) by Austrian Label Hirntrust.  Matteo has receive copies of the single.  He's looking forward to collaborating with more artists around the globe and has released several Digital E.Ps and Albums with Toxic Elements being his first vinyl release.  Matteo also has a single coming out on Japanese speed core artist m1dy's CD compilation, due for release on New Year's Eve in Japan.  Matteo has also started his own label "Noise War".



Mitchell Denton

UPT Digital Programmer, Mitchell Denton, has just released FSX Visualator, an exciting new application that enables you to see Microsoft Flight Simulator X in whole new way. This application fills the gap that’s been missing, having the ability to view all your flight data in one place LIVE. The application enables you to view all the flight data you will need in one simple place. Using SimConnect it allows it to run on local or network computer with minimal configuration.  Congratulations to Mitchell for making his first $100+ through app sales in May 2012

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UPT Digital is a games | web | apps development class at Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti high school, in Christchurch, NZ.  It is the flagship pod of  IT HOTHOUSE, a global brand being developed by the students to duplicate the model in other schools worldwide.  This is a ground up innovation, co-created by students and the Project Developer, Renea Mackie. UPT DIgital collaborates directly with industry mentors worldwide. Mentors have been donating their time since the end of 2009, to help students build a model FOR students  that nurtures tech entrepreneurs.

IT HOTHOUSE Pods use Microsoft Visual Studio,  Microsoft Expression Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, Autodesk Maya, Unity 3D Game Engine, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Apache, Linux, MySQL, WAMP, LAMP, MAMP, Mono For Android, Mono Touch, Atlassian JIRA with Greenhopper and Confluence, and anything else the students choose to use - they decide.

UPT Digital has development teams, freelancers, and an enterprise team working on Outreach Projects, particularly in the area of NFP Youth Organizations.

Students are not taught in a traditional sense.  They are provided with the scaffolding necessary to support their own learning, and industry mentors are an integral part of our structure.

Our aim is to provide students with experience and knowledge to make informed choices about their tertiary study path, and to prepare them for a real world work environment.

QUICK LINK: CLICK HERE to learn about the IT HOTHOUSE model and how we do things.

UPT Digital Presentations:

UPT Digital @ Microsoft Tech Ed 2011 in Auckland! > Click Here

UPT Digital @ Tech Hui 2011 in Wellington! > Click Here

UPT Digital @ NZiDev 2010 > Click Here

BIG THANKS to Nat Friedman, CEO of Xamarin, for donating Mono Touch and Mono For Android licenses to UPT Digital!  Also thanks to Rony Kubat for the intro.  Kiwi Foo rocks!!

A special thanks to the Canterbury Software Cluster for being such interesting and gracious hosts.

OUR CUTTING EDGE MENTORS: Mark Finch, from the Graphics Group at Microsoft Research, is working on a very cool new Freeform Vector Graphics program.  You can check out the video from their SIGGRAPH Asia '11 Presentation here and download the program to try it out here.  You will need lots of RAM and a decent graphics card!

Mark made this profile pic for Renea, using the Freeform Vector Graphics program:



UPT Digital and the Earthquakes: See the photos and check out our stories > here.

LATEST NEWS : UPT Digital has relocated to the Wairarapa Campus at the University of Canterbury's Dovedale site.